At every point in a building’s life a renovation must be made. Whether it is to replace a leaking pipe, broken tiles, cracked walls or waterproofing, our experienced workers will deal it professionally. We conduct a full inspection of all common areas, rectifying any issues that need to be dealt immediately, then designing a project-specific preventive maintenance programme at designated time interval

Mansory Work

If your office or home place requires new tiling or brick repair work for the walls due to holes or cracks, then you need Masonry Repair professionals. We at Four Spear provide trained masons and workers who would complete the work without affecting the rest of the area. Cracks and gaps will be cleared without any trace

Interior renovation


Roofing Works

Flooring Works


UG sump and OH tank cleaning

Sometimes people do not understand that the water they are using inside their houses for cleaning and even for drinking might be extremely contaminated. Lot of impurities and solid particulate matters can go inside the tanks from where water is being supplied inside the house. Most water tanks and its ceilings are breeding places for Bacteria, Virus, Molds, Algae, Fungi and Worms causing contaminations. Water used to bath, wash hands, mouth and utensils can be polluted and infectious. Thus, cleaning is 100% safe and comprehensive.

Our precisely developed filter and organic chlorine tablet keeps away dirt, worms and germs from your water tanks after cleaning.


Bathroom renovation

Water Proofing

Do you have a water tank, sump, terrace, wall or swimming pool for waterproofing? We have well experienced team who will be able to arrest the leakage of water.


Carpentry is one of the oldest professions out there, and for good reason. As cities expand, so does the need for skilled carpenters.

Paver stone laying

Paving work shall consist of covering certain areas like footpaths, parking, roads, entrances & exits etc.

We have specialized team who has experience in doing all types of paving works like interlock roads, fixing of Kerbstones, ceramic tiles and marbles, construction of parking and footpaths and all types of concrete works.

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